Negro Spirituals To Gospel

This was the music African Americans sung during the time of enslavement. This is known as an African Folksong. This music spread widely through the end of the 18th century. Spirituals that we know include “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” or “Deep Down In My Heart”. Some of these spirituals would have different messages in them. Some of these messages include “Go down, Moses”, I Got My Ticket” , and even “Wade In The Water” These messages were showing the slaves how to escape. The slaves would come together and praise God. This music was used to not only send messages through out the commumnity.

When they would have these meetings they had to be careful because they could get in trouble. these meetings were actually banned. They did not want slaves doing this becasue it was not controled by the ‘whiteman’. When they did have these meeting though they would sing them in call and response form. Negro spiritual were used to give hope to the black community throughout this awful time. Negro Spirituals can be seen being sung by different insitutions like Hampton and Fisk University.

Negro spirituals made it so the black community had hope and something to hold on to when they were in slavery. Negro Spirituals most definitely inspired gospel music. Both of the era’s have different styles but have the give the black community something to hold on to. After being in this class I can say that I truly enjoy listening to negro spirituals. I can also say that I see the coorelation between gospel music and negro spirituals.

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