Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals

Black people sang negro spirituals a lot during slavery. It was a form of communication and perseverance to help enslaved black people through those horrific times. It is a combination of African heritage and enslavement that expresses the emotions of bondage. Negro spirituals are heavily involved in black religious institutions and a popular genre of Christian music. It helped give black people the power of freedom and hope.  

A few well-known Negro Spirituals:

Negro Spirituals were extremely important for enslaved black people because they developed a significant connection with the meanings of the songs. Although white slave masters manipulated the meaning of the biblical words and songs in order to force Christianity, black people saw the words as a different meaning to help give them hope. 

Additionally, Negro Spirituals influenced Black Church music today and spirituals were able to make black people sing more passionately and express their emotions. Black christian music today can be said it has a lot of timbre and rhythm within a black person’s voice. A lot of black religious music today is filled with harmony there are also well known modern black Christian songs that relate to negro spirituals, such as hymns. This can even connect back to African heritage when black people are singing in the Black church, including catching the Holy Ghost. 

Several Popular Black Christian Songs

In conclusion, black people basically used Negro Spirituals to fight against the white-washed version of Christianity. Those spirituals helped black people reveal their emotions through religion, and the the rhythm and intensity within the voice has passed down through generations of the black community. 

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