Ciara Terry 9/13/19

The genre of negro spirituals came out of slavery and symbolized the African plight of being ripped away from his homeland, separated from their family, and all the other atrocious crimes against them. Negro spirituals also served as a beacon of hope and freedom, and it allowed African-Americans to unify. Negro Spirituals was also the first genre of music that has transcended and evolved over time into other genres such as Jubilee Quartets, Blues, and R&B.

Even though Africans created Negro Spirituals (all genres basically), it was given credit to two white men. These white men, traveled the nation on different plantations and physically composed all the songs that the slaves have sung. These two white men later authored a book titled “100 Negro Spirituals” in which they were deemed the “creators”.

Examples of Negro Spirituals:

Sweet Honey Rock- A Motherless Child. Lead singer Berniece Reagan, is a Spelman alum.
Wade in the Water- Ella Jenkins
The Golden Gates Quartet: Swing Down Chariot. The Golden Gates Quartet, and Fisk University Quartet also transcended a new genre of music called the Jubilee Quartets.
Harry T. Burleigh- Go Down Moses. Famous composer, arranger, and singer.
Moses Hogan- Elijah Rock. Famous modern composer. Visited Spelman, a couple times. Moses Hogan also used a different form of negro spirituals, where he used it in concert (concert spirituals).
Mahalia Jackson and Nat King Cole- Steal Away. This soulful duet of this classical negro spiritual broke air-ways, and was a non traditional song by Nat who usually sings seasonal music.