Retronuevo to Neo-Soul


Anita Baker’s contributions to retronuevo as a genre altered the direction of African-American music during her time, and therefore influenced the driving artists of neo-soul today.


  1. Retronuevo
    1. Defining the term and the style of music associated with it
    2. How retronuevo developed as a genre, including the driving and current artists in this genre
    3. Why was the genre important in African-American culture during its time
  2. Anita Baker
    1. History and musical background
    2. Influence in the retronuevo genre
    3. How her music has influenced current artists
  3. Jill Scott
    1. History and musical background
    2. Compare and contrast her music style to that of Anita Baker
    3. Explain how she is one of the main artists carrying the retronuevo genre


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