Nadia Oakley

Nadia Oakley


The list of videos will represent the genre’s that were discussed in class. 

From Top to Bottom:

Negro spirituals/Folk:

Jubilee Quartets





Musical theatre




The Evolution of Jubilee

During the first half of the 20th century Jubilee quartets became prevalent within the African American culture. Jubilee quartets became popularized during the time of

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Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Nadia Oakley and I am a Sophomore, Sociology Major on the Pre law track from New York City. I have been

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Which music was more effective, Beyonce’s music in the 2000’s or Beyonce’s music after 2010? (Only My part of the counterpoint was completed. My partner need came to class.)

1960’s Music

The Quincy Video summary took the place of Bothe the HIP-Hop and R&B posts that I did not do. Therefore, all posts have been completed.

Favorite Genre: My favorite genre from class is definitely the negro Spirituals. This is because the negro spirituals represented a time where blacks were unable to attain he proper credit that they deserved for the quality of music that they produced. Blacks were in a position of being oppressed. Due to this disposition, Blacks had to find other ways to enjoy themselves and entertain themselves rather than always entertaining the whites by doing the cake walks. Therefore, the negro spirituals became a coping mechanism to help entertain and retain credit for some of the great music that Blacks accomplished.

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