My heart beats for the Atlanta Ballet

My Heart Beats for the Atlanta Ballet

Atlanta Ballet Review:

Coming to the Atlanta ballet, I knew there would be choreography but not as great as I witness It started off with choreography to music by Dave Brubeck(take five, etc) while showcasing different lighting and costumes by jack Mahler and Ann Gould–Ward .  The instruments I heard listening to the various songs in the beginning were saxophone, drums, and a slight use of the bass. The male singers in the starting act voices were mostly baritone with some bass. Female singers in the opening act were most of not all soprano. 



From my experience the melody was great and u can easily make out the rhythms. The second part had choreography by Alexander Ekman with a lot of different video representation. It started with the dancers behind a huge white screen with their shadows only shown but there wasn’t any instruments.



The dancers used their bodies as percussive instruments but still held the jazz rhythm. The different dances and jumps were strange which had the audience laughing from time to time. They also had a part where they had a narrator say apart that they were dancing were translated into the sound of music. To end they use their individual names as instrumental while dancing as if they were in a jazz club which was impressive to see. They also dance to a video representing the def of jazz and rhyme while using their body to make instrumentals. To cap off the performances,  they had Spelman glee club. The world premiere a song to begin but perform a variety of gospel songs. The instrument they use for their performances was piano, drums, and slight bass which sounded like it was altered to sound like an electronic keyboard. The women in the glee club were mostly if not all soprano with the leading singer voice scaling very high at times between songs. They ended with a fast pace gospel song which was mainly Acappella, but featured a little bass.




This concert was a great experience as my first jazz concert with it being a ballet. The dancers did a great job but the Spelman glee club was nothing short of amazing. I hope to experience more jazz ballets in the near future.

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Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith

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