My Future in Music

I am currently a Music major at Spelman College. I would like to open my own record label, and be a business woman through music. This class has taught me more than music, it taught me how to look at music through a black persons eyes. This class has opened my eyes to how the culture of black people is so amazing. Black people basically invented music. Since the beginning of time, Music has been in our culture and in our blood. We take the oppression and put it in our music. Music is what emotions would sound like. You can feel the soul in black music. No other culture has that. In fact, it’s appropriated. This class has also taught me that, “Everyone wanna be a nigga, but don’t wanna be a nigga.” That was best shown when we went over the Story O.J. By Jay Z. No matter how far you adnance in life, the racial system will place you lower. Going forward, I want to do exactly what Jay Z said in the song. I want to build credit, build an empire, and keep it R&B. Rough and Black

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