Musical Timeline

1928 Louis Armstrong West end blues I chose this song because even though its original composer is Joe “king” Oliver, Louis Armstrong was a very influential jazz player and his version of west end blues that he recorded in 1928 is the version that is most popular amongst jazz lovers today.
1929 Fats Waller Aint misbehavin I chose this song because Fats Waller has a great voice and I like the sounds he makes in this song.
1930 Duke Ellington Three little words I chose this song by Duke Ellington because the way he plays his instruments  its like you can hear the words that are supposed to go there veen though there are no words in the song.
1931 Cab Calloway and his cotton club orchestra Minnie the moocher This song is actually a favorite of mine out of all my five because I like the story that it  tells about the lady minnie.
1932 Thomas “Tommy” Dorsey Take my hand, precious Lord I chose this song because as I was finnding songs for this assignment most of them were blues or jazz but not gospel. So I listened to this song an It sounded like gospel music my old church used to play

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