Musical Terms

Timbre – Tone Quality

Melody – tune; part of a musical piece that goes up and down

Harmony – a melodic line different from the central melody of a song piece that is sung or played simultaneously with the central melody

Interval – distance between pitches

Repertory – the music that is prepared and performed by a group

Chord – a group of three or more pitches that when played simultaneously or sequentially are sonically cohesive (Major/Minor)

Upbeat – the non-significant beats 

Range – distance between the pitches of a specific instrument or composition/song

Scale – group of notes organized in succession in ascending or descending order

Key – the tonal center of a piece

Phrases – organized units of sound that make up a larger whole

Form – structure of musical composition and/or performance; the principles used to put it together.

Tempo – speed of a piece of music

Downbeat – the significant or ‘big’ beats in a measure


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