Music Timeline 1928-1950

  • 1928- Duke Ellington: Jubilee Stomp. The song just makes you tap your feet and is very easy swinging. The composing was very complex.
  • 1939- Lead Belly; Frankie and Albert. Rhythmic voice and actually tells a story with the delivery of the song. Which I noticed is common to songs in this time period.
  • 1946- Billie Holiday; Good Morning Heartache. I can feel the emotion in voice when she sings, her voice is also very soothing.
  • 1947- Billy Eckstine; Rhythm in a Riff. Upbeat and I like the idea of living in the moment with the music.
  • 1949- Jelly Roll Morton; Mamamita. I use to play the piano and I always wished I could play this well.

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