Music Timeline 1918-1928: Khailah Bell

Song Name Artist Year Comments
All of No Man’s Land James Reese Europe and Noble Sissle 1919 This song stood out to me because it actually contains vocals. Many of the
songs I hear from this era is purely instrumental. The vocals add to the
pristine musicality of the instruments.
I’m Just Wild About Harry Eubie Blake 1921 This was the most popular song in “Shuffle Along,” a historic production
for and by African-Americans.
Texas Moaner Blues Sydney Bechet & Louis Armstrong 1924 The saxophone and trumpet pair so well together. Even though
they are both the “leads,” neither takes away from the other.
Black Bottom Stomp Jelly Roll Morton 1925 This song caught my attention because it strays from my typical notion
of jazz being slow. This upbeat track gives a “feel good” vibe.
West End Blues Louis Armstrong 1928 In addition to this song being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame,
the combination of so many elements and instruments gives it
a sultry and mellow sound.

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