Music Theatre Question

Project Question 1:

  1. Ole Dan Tucker is a popular American song whose origins remain obscure; the tune may have come from oral tradition, and the words may have been written by songwriter and performer Dan Emmett. The first sheet music edition was published in 1843. Old Dan Tucker was a real person, who resided in Georgia before 1843. The Atlanta Journal Constitution did a long story on him in a Sunday edition. Dan was what was classified as a crazed man, thus explains why he did everything in an obscure way such as, washed his face with a frying pan. Dan Tucker is both the teller and subject of the story. his reflects the song’s intended performance by an entire minstrel troupe. The song had many versions with its original Folk version being its most popular. intended for stage performance, the verses are not only to be played but also acted out and danced to. This is a covert message of A story dating to at least 1965 claims that “Old Dan Tucker” was written by slaves about a man named Daniel Tucker who lived in Georgia. Tucker was a farmer, ferryman, and minister who appears in records from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The story, as related by Mrs. Guy Rucker, the great-great-granddaughter of one of Tucker’s neighbors, claims that Tucker became quite well liked by the slaves in his area through his ministry to them. 

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