Poem Post: Music Makes my Hips Sway

It came about in the Late 40s

Very fast paced and sped up

makes me feel like I’m being chased

you can’t dance to this music


you must admire this music

you close your eyes and you let your mind wander

you hear the sax and the piano mesh together to make this vibrant sound

cool cool cool

music starts to evolve into cool jazz

slow and steady

you hang off every note

Miles Davis sure can play.

This music tries to tell a story

the way you hear everything so clearly, captivating

it sounds like–it sounds like something lovers dance to, sway to

the trumpet, the sax, they carry you

it sounds like home– something your spouse play to relax the house.

Pop!         Pop!          Pop!

there goes the music bubble– bursting something new

new offsprings of jazz come

modal jazz and jazz fusion

the beat starts to pick up and it makes you start feelin’ good

my body starts moving, my legs start kicking, my hips start swaying, and my heard starts nodding

                                          AND THEN FUNK!

James Brown! Earth, Wind & Fire! Bruno Mars!
the beats are faster, the energy is louder, and the dancing is euphoric.
It makes you feel happy– makes you want to get up and dance and feel the music
it brings the community together! We’ll all pick a partner and start dancing to the beat.
Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it ’till you’re satisfied!
This! This is FEEL GOOD music.

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