Music from 1970-1975


1970 – Stevie Wonder – “Signed, Sealed Delivered”

   Album: Signed, Sealed & Delivered

   Genre: Classic Soul, R&B/Soul, Pop  

   Composers: Stevie Wonder, Lee Garrett, Syreeta Wright, Lula Mae Hardaway


* This is one of those songs that I don’t remember hearing all the time on the radio or around the house, but somehow I just learned the words, the rhythm, and groove of the song. Another classic song, that has been used in many movies.


1971 – The Temptation – “Just My Imagination”

   Album: Sky’s the Limit

   Genre: Classic Soul

   Composers:  Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong


* I grew up listening to this kind of music when I was a little girl. My mother would have the temptations blasting year round, and especially during Christmas time. “Just My Imagination”, is one of the group’s signature songs, and the last single that original members Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams were featured on.


1972 – Billy Paul – “Me and Mrs. Jones”

   Album: 360 Degrees of Billy Paul

   Genre: Pop

   Composers: Kenny Gamble, Cary Gilbert, and Leon Huff


* I loved when this came on in the car when I was with my mom, because I would always scream out “MEEEEE ANDDDD MRS. JONES mrs. jones… etc” and my mother would look at me like a was crazy and I think she was surprised I knew the words. This is a classic song that I feel most black people are aware of. I think because Billy Paul was born and raised in Philly (which is where I am from) made me feel even closer to the music.


1973 – Four Tops – “Ain’t No Woman (Like the One I’ve Got)”

   Album: Keeper of the Castle

   Genre: Soul

   Composers:  Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter


* Yet another song from my childhood, I have found that I was blessed to grow up along with my sister, with music from many different generations. Instead of only listening to the late 90’s music or early 2000’s music, my mother allowed us to become cultured and familiar with the time periods that made music what it is today.


1974 – Carl Douglas  – “Kung Fu Fighting”

   Album: Kung Fu Fighter

   Genre: Pop

   Composers: Carl Douglas


* I just love this song. It has been a classic song since I was in lower school (elementary). I seen is in so many movies I watched as a kid (Kung Fu Panda, Rush Hour, and maybe even Karate Kid). My friends and I would love to sing this song and pretend we knew Kung Fu. Even though this song came out long long before I was born, it reminds me of childhood.  


1975 – Van McCoy  – “The Hustle”

   Album: Disco Baby

   Genre: R&B/Soul

   Composers: Van McCoy


* This was not a common song in my house hold, but still a staple song for when I was young. I always watched so many movies growing up, that I heard it all the time on the soundtracks. It was/is such a fun song to listen and dance to even though most people only know the chorus.

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