Music and Me

Music has played a huge part in everyone’s life whether it was through direct interaction of music or hearing a loved one sing a certain song, and now that song holds a special place in your heart. Music is and has always been a major factor in our history from slave songs all the way to the present genres music has evolved into. Music has always been a part of my life from growing up in a music based family there was a song for any and everything under the sun, but it was not until I began to learn and track the evolution of music when I realized how much music really matters. Music is more than just lyrics to a bat or a few chords, music is more than just that emotional feeling in the moment of three to five minutes, music is more than just learning the lyrics and listening to that artist from sun up to sun down so no one can say you don’t know the words. Music is history, music is a story, music was a birth that kept being born. Once a scholar has taken time out to really learn about music everything is different. Music Videos must be watched with a keen eye and heard with a keen ear. Every character and lyric must be analyzed and broken down into a deeper concept than what the surface is portraying. Knowing your history allows you to be awakened from the oppressed place. Knowing the history of music makes the biggest difference and has made a huge difference in my life.

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