Mumble Rap: The New Wave or Just Lazy?

Mumble rap has slowly taken over the genre of rap by charting Billboard’s top 100s. Artist like lil Uzi, Kodak Black, and Young Thug have solidified these spots. This “new” genre stems from the  sub-genre we all know as Trap Rap. Mumble rap is considered to be mumble rap because it incorporates a certain style of vocalizing used in recent songs. This style of rap has become more frequent in modern hip-hop and is actively being spread across the world. This style focuses on the repetition of the words and melody more than the lyrics that are written. Mumble rap incorporates the usage of pitched harmonies rather than the usual which are quick bars. Mumble rap lets the bass drums dominate the song rather than the melodic instrumentals most people are used to when they think of hip hop. This new genre of rap has sparked a plethora of debates about wether this is an authentic genre of rap.

Young Thug

- Deemed a mumble rap artist for songs like this and similar songs post this release.

- Doesn't take offense to the title.

Lil Uzi

- Another mumble rap artist. Uzi's unique style of rapping has earned him the title.

- He also does not take offense to the title.

Greatest rapper alive... What does Future think?

Mumble Rap Can Be A Good Thing


Rap has a cycle...

To conclude, I hope many will see that mumble rap represents much more than at first it may appear. Whilst being channelled through incomprehensible lyrical delivery, mumble rap gives us a new style and new wave of music. Mumble rap offers the opportunity to reassess our musical culture. For example, genres like jazz and reggae, hip-hop which have a rich musical culture. Mumble rap shows that there is a place for all sub-genres and agendas. This new genre of rap should allow these new waves of rappers to create how they want to and influence the rap genre history. 

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