Motown Records

Humble Beginnings

Motown records was a majorly successful American record label, that cultivated the talent of many black artists, in the R&B and Soul music genre. 


Berry Gordy Jr was the founder of motown records. Berry was Born in Detroit, Michigan on November 28, 1929. Ever since berry was a young boy, he was fascinated with music. But didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do with that passion. So Berry kept music as a passion at first, and not a career. He Worked various jobs before founding Motown Records such as;  Fighting in the Korean War, Factory worker, song writer. 

Motown Records Officially went into business on JAN 12th, 1959,  after Gordy was able to acquire a small loan of 800 dollars from this entire family. The label was originally known as Tamala Records, but Gordy later changed the labels name to Motown Records. He did this due to his fascination. With Detroit’s association with the automotive business/ success. The city was actually known as “motor city.”  



Gordy bought a two family flat on Detroit’s Grand Boulevard. which became the record labels headquarters. He moved his family on the first floor, while the second was were the magic and music was created. The Motown records faucilty was became known as “Hitsville U.S.A.”


Over the years Motown Records was able to sign numerous artists but the first successfully signed artists were an up and coming group that called themselves the Matadors. But soon after they were first signed by the label, the group switched their name to The Miracles in 1959. 


In time Gordy was able to acquire various high profile artists that would go on to revolutionize the R&B and soul industry. Some of these artists were; The Four tops, Stevie Wonder, The Miracles, Marvin Gaye and more! One of the biggest hits the record label was able to produce, was Marvin Gayes “Let’s get it on.” The song was sold over 200 times, and was consistently played on the radio, which brought in even more revenue for the company and its artists!





Some other major artists that were signed to Mo town records were Diana Ross and the supremes in, and Stevie wonder.

The supremes were a girl group, a trio, a culmination powerhouses. This group consisted of Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, and Florence Ballard. The group signed with Motown in 1961. To producing several top ten singles. Although when Ross decided to leave the group, their rise to fame came to a stop. The group broke up in the year  1977.  Wilson and Diana went onto have solo careers, and Diana’s first solo single was ain’t no mountain high enough.

Stevie wonders signed with Motown when he was 11 years old, in the year 1961. Originally going by  his full government name Steveland Hardaway Morris.  He stated with the label for over half a century. In the 1970’s Stevie created a list of classical hits, some being Songs in the Key of Life, Talking Book, and Innervisions. Stevie went in for years, accumulating several accomplishments. One of the most notable was winning 22 Grammy awards. Making history being the very first male solo artist to have that many. One of Wonders greatest hits was  isn’t she lovely and superstition 



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