Miles Davis the Creator of
Cool Jazz


Early New Orleans jazz had many different styles. There was cool jazz, bebop, and swing, to name some. Some of the types were upbeat jazz music you could dance too. There was also more mellow more relaxed tone jazz music. Though I believe cool jazz is one of the most influential styles. Cool Jazz is influential because of how it influenced other styles of jazz music. Miles Davis is known to be one of the best jazz artists and the creator of cool jazz. 

~Cool Jazz~

What is Cool Jazz ?

Cool jazz came about in the late 1940s; it’s a more relaxed, calm jazz music style. Cool jazz had soft vibratos and the instruments like drums you’d hear played soft tones. Cool jazz musicians always play their music very relaxed and in low tones. Many people referred to cool jazz as ‘white man’s jazz’ because white musicians performed it and appealed more to the white audience.

How it was influential ?

Cool jazz-influenced many other styles of jazz. To name some, it influenced modern jazz, west coast style jazz music, and free jazz. The most influential cool jazz artist who influenced these other jazz styles was Miles Davis.

Miles Davis

Born May 26, 1926, Miles Davis in Alton, Illinois, is one of the most influential and well-known Jazz artists. He played the trumpet; his work with the trumpet made people love his music. Davis’s experimenting with the trumpet and its harmonies, testing out its middle register, and trying different sounds and styles is how he created the sound of cool jazz. In the late 1940s, Davis formed a group with other jazz artists, all of whom played instruments like the piano, tuba, and french horn, which were instruments you didn’t typically hear is jazz. The group didn’t last for long, but they created many songs that set the tone for cool jazz. The tracks influenced other styles of jazz and also other artists. The band made these songs that were later put into an album called “Birth of Cool” and released in 1957.

~Music from Miles Davis~


To conclude, cool jazz was a jazz style that influenced many other jazz styles to come later, like west coast style jazz. Miles Davis’s talent with the trumpet created the sound of cool jazz. By working with different registers and playing different harmonies with the trumpet, he came up with a calm, mellow, soft tone, which became cool jazz. Miles Davis is one of the most well known and respected jazz artists, from his work with cool jazz.




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