More Than A Song

Music has played an essential role in African American culture. The music we hear from R&B, rap, soul, and gospel artists is a beautiful concoction of the Black experience: we hear black hardships, black love, aimless thoughts, and some oppression. African Americans use music to write and express what they feel at the time, and often times, what they feel and experience is what thousands of others experience also. Music is accepted universally by various races and it unites the black community. Black artists have the special ability to use not only their platform but their voices to subliminally slip a little piece of black magic into the cars and radios of millions of people around the world. By using only using their voice, they get to speak for those who do not have a voice, and they execute this in a rather catchy way. There has always been something enticing about African American music; many artists have tried to recreate the soul and heart found in black music, but it is something that is not easily replicated. You can only find soul in black music. As much as other races try to deny it, African American music has sparked so much inspiration in the United States and abroad; black music captures our mood, our views on life, on mankind, and on the world at the time. Black music has shaped the national identity of the United States.

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