Megan Thee Stallion: Artist Project Post Outline

The reason I chose Megan Pete for my artist post and how my research came about.

The way Megan grew up, where she went to school, who her parents are and the inspiration behind her career starting.

An overall summary of who Megan is in her career.

The way Megan’s career came about to grow expeditiously. 

The labels to which Megan is signed.

The discography Megan has already put out and who she has worked with. As well as how she is doing musically and the charts she has been on.

The big catchphrase that has become Megan’s trademark. 

The sources I used for the project.

Naike Ngassam Njike

Naike Ngassam Njike

KSR: 40 Years of Hip Hop

“Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” Much like this quote, The KSR documentary teaches us that Hip Hop serves as a representation of the Black community and we should cherish and educate ourselves about it.

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Trap Music: Group Presentation

For my group project, I presented on Trap music. Here, i have attached the link that leads you to the project. Click the title “What is Trap Music Anyways” to access the project.

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