Barry White

  • Born Barry Eugene Carter on September 12, 1944 in Galveston, Texas
  • Raised in Los Angeles and involved himself in the local music culture at an early age
  • Member of the Upfronts, the Atlantics and the Majestics
  • Found greater success offstage, guiding the careers of others, including Felice Taylor and Viola Wills
  • Formed the group Love Unlimited in 1969, a female vocal trio made up of Diane Taylor, Glodean James (his future wife) and her sister Linda
  • Founded the Love Unlimited Orchestra, a 40-piece ensemble to accompany himself and the singing trio, for which he conducted, composed and arranged
  • During the peak of his career, White earned gold and platinum discs for worldwide sales
  • In May 2003, White suffered a stroke while waiting for a kidney transplant, which he needed due to complications from years of chronic high blood pressure. He died on July 4, 2003 in Los Angeles

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