Marian Anderson – The Undeniable Talent

Marian Anderson
The Undeniable Talent

Ayami Oe

Marian Anderson is known to be one of the pioneer singers of African Americans. Despite the social oppression, her talent was undeniably impressive. This post will discuss 3 stories that show her remarkableness.  


Firstly, she showed her talent since little. She did not come from a wealthy family. Although she started singing since she was a child, she hadn’t given an opportunity to be trained until she was 15. People at her church saw her talent, and raised money for her to get professional lessons. Secondly, Arturo Toscanini, the revolutionary composer of opera and classical music, stated that her talent and voice is to be heard only once in 100 years. Thirdly, in 1938, she became the first African American singer to perform at the White House.



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