Marian Anderson Article Review

Marian Anderson was an amazing folk singer on top her being an important figure in the struggle for black artist to overcome racial prejudice in the United States. I loved this article because it talks about how black women are the people to watch out for. We literally are strong independent and set trends for the rest of the country, but of course, we don’t receive the acknowledgment we deserve. The article appointed Marian Anderson to be an example of all those characteristics I listed previously. She was the clear definition of a well-rounded strong black woman. She did what she loved even through the time of segregation, and she did it so well that white people wanted her to perform for them. In the article, she was compared to other great historical black women such as Alice Walker, and both of these women did things that changed the course of history not only for black women but for all black people. She used her platform to express black nationalism, which is a genius political strategy. After Marian Anderson, many people saw what she did, and decided to break barriers just like her.

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