Marian Anderson Article Review

I really loved reading this article because I was unaware of how some composers used negro spirituals as an influence for their pieces. To me, this infusion of negro spirituals into compositions that mainly white orchestras play acted as almost a rebellion. It came as no surprise that black female artists had to fight for their recognition in the music industry. The question that the article starts with is something I have asked and will continue to ask until there is a change. “When will we listen to black women?” In my comparative women’s studies class, we have discussed how different the world would be if we would have listened to women, like Coretta Scott King, when they were talking and warning us. It’s interesting to analyze topics such as, the history behind music through a gendered lens. I love how black artists used their music as an act of black nationalism. I love that black people had different ways of expressing their nationalism. It’s very interesting how these artists went about expressing their nationalism through their music. Another thing I didn’t know existed was the National Association for Negro Musicians. I love that this group existed because everyone expresses their nationalism in different ways.

Marian Anderson

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