Marian Anderson and Florence B. Price Article Review- Amari Davis

The title of the article is “When will we listen to black women?” This is very creative as a title because it sets the mood for what the article will be about. Yes, Marian Anderson and Florence B. Price are the main focus in the article, but it also sheds light on the movements black women have started. The author did this by including examples of some of the most known movements in today’s time.

In the article, I noticed that the author starts off the first two paragraphs with examples of the movements black women shaped and started throughout the nation. “We are in an era of movements founded by black women, such as #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and #SayHerName, and some even use messianic language to characterize those women as “saving the day” through their collective action”. The writer then goes into a smooth transition from these examples to how Marian Anderson and Florence B. Price were part of the main composers of the movements created in the early 1900’s. “historical antecedent in demonstrations such as Marian Anderson elevating Florence Price’s” 

One of the things that I like so much about this article is that the author provides a great deal of information on Florence and Marian before they were both recognized for their iconic collaboration at the Lincoln Memorial. The author also goes into details of why their collaboration was so important during this time. Around this time, there were lots of famous black artists, however they had their own separate platforms. 

Overall, I think the article was very informal and important for black women to not only read but learn and know about some of the meaningful pioneers of the start of liberating black women and voices in America. Which is something that is still very well known to be developing right now.

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