Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson

A womanist. Influencer. Vocalist. Extrodinare. 

Early Life

Marian was born and raised in Philadelphia in 1879.


Her mother was a school teacher and her father sold ice and coal. They owned a small liquor store. She had two sisters.


She attended Stanton Grammar School. Because her family was poor, she was not able to continue her education to high-school.



Marian performed in concerts and recitals in major music venues and with renowned orchestras throughout the United States and Europe during1925 and 1965.


Marian projected a platform for resistance. She routinely uplifited musicans and composers by including them in her public perfomrances. Her platform demanded that black musicians be taken seriously


Marian made many recordings of her talent. She performed in an open-air concert at the Lincoln memorial. She received a Grammy lifetime achievement award. 

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