Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson: A Voice for Women Artists

This article talks about how black women used their musical talents to break down social barriers and bring about justice. Marian Anderson was an activist for the liberation of black women in the United States known for bringing additional African American women singers up with her. Her performances were her protest towards oppression. She used the stage she was given to provide more than just entertainment. This article talks about the efforts of Marian Anderson throughout her career to change the views of black women in the music industry and how her notoriety was used to lift up other black women musicians. She helped several composers by singing their music, promoting them so they could take a step in the door too. Not only did she have an impact on other musicians, but she empowered black women across the nation. When singing at the Lincoln Memorial on Resurrection Sunday, Anderson closed with “My Soul is Anchored in the Lord’ a Florence B. Price’s work. Ms. Anderson is mostly known for this infamous moment at the Lincoln memorial, but she was a powerful black woman fighting for justice.

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