Marian Anderson

Miss Marian Anderson: A Review of "Life Every Voice And Sing

The article about Marian Anderson, “Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price And The Sound of Black Sisterhood” by Alisha Lola Jones, gave me a personal outlook on the life of Miss Marian Anderson. She was such an amazing woman. According to the article, Anderson was a pioneer for black females and black female musicians in her time and even now. Anderson showed a great deal of faith and courage throughout her journey, Jones exemplifies this by listing her many accomplishments from her time.

A Rap Influenced by Marian Anderson

We never thought we’d see the day, 

where black women would have a say

we were working behind the scenes

But in public we went unseen

our voices were never heard

But then it was Marian’s turn

Using activism, talent and style

Women like Marian went the extra mile

Fighting segregation, patriarchy, and discrimination

Other women followed her determination


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