Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is the most influential pop icon. She is not just influential because of her voice but she is influential because she has donated and supported many charities and has continued to use her platform for good purposes.

        Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1969, in Huntington, New York. Mariah Carey was born into a family of a voice coach and opera singer. Mariah Carey has two older siblings a brother and a sister. Her parents divorced when she was only three years old. Mariah Carey could sing at a very early age which was 2 years old. Once Mariah began her singing lessons at the age four, she developed a voice that spanned five octaves. Once Mariah got older and graduated high school she moved to Manhattan and worked as a waitress. While studying cosmetology she began to write songs and she often pursued her music career at night.

         Mariah Carey got exposed to the music industry when she was only 18 years old. Mariah and her friend attended a party that was hosted by CBS records. Mariah Carey’s friend pressured her to bring one of her tapes to the party to give to the CEO. Mariah’s friend intended to give her tape to Jerry Greenburg, but the president of Columbia record physically stopped her from doing that. After the party Tommy Mottola the president of Columbia records listened to her tape on his way home and signed her immediately. He made her work on her first album Mariah Carey (1990). Four No.1 singles came from this album, and they were “Vision Of Love”, “Loves Takes Time”, “Some Day”, and “I Don’t Wanna Cry”. Mottola envisioned Mariah becoming the top female artist, and that is exactly what he helped her become. Over a million dollars was spent in promoting her album and making it successful and widely known. In no time, the album was number one on the Billboard charts.


Mariah Carey was married to Tommy Mottola from 1993-1998. She ended her marriage with him because as she quoted  ” I was locked Away” . Mariah then went on to date Eminem in 2002. As Eminem stated they broke up because “Yes, me and Mariah did have a relationship for about a good six, seven months. It didn’t work. I wasn’t really into what she was into; our personalities collided,” he said. “She’s a diva, and I’m a little more regular, I guess.

In reality Mariah broke up with Eminem because he was too deep in love meaning that he was extremely infatuated with her. Eminem even went as far as stalking Mariah for a short period of time. Mariah even went as far as making a song about how he was stalking her called “Obsessed” Mariah then went on to marry Nick cannon in 2008. Mariah had their first children together which were a set of twins. Their marriage lasted for quite a while which had lasted eight years. Mariah Carey stated that she divorced Nick Cannon because their jobs got in the way of their parenting. Not only that but their egos got in the way of their Parenting too. Nick Cannon mentioned on twitter that he would get back together with Mariah Carey if things “could be like they were”. He also said “That’s my fantasy love. I will never have a love like I have with Mariah.” 

  Mariah’s biggest musical influence was Aretha Franklin Not only was she Mariah’s mentor, but she was her friend. Initially Mariah was inspired by the intensity and power in her voice, but on a deeper level, she appreciated how Franklin was a revolutionary. Aretha was able to use her voice during the civil rights movement which impressed Mariah. Another reason why she appreciates her specifically is because she taught Mariah how to incorporate “the church and gospel music into her pop and R&B songs (Rolling Stone).” In Mariah’s words she expresses to Aretha: “You showed me I could sing the songs I wanted to sing and bring God with me. You’ve inspired millions everywhere yet never left home, never left church (Rolling Stone).” While Aretha Franklin had the largest influence on her career, she was not the only one. Additionally Billy Holiday, Al Green, and Stevie Wonder   all played an important role in the development of her musical identity as well.  

In 1991-1992, during the award season, Carey won multiple awards for her debut album, she received Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance Grammys for her single “Vision of Love (Long ,7).” At the Billboard Music Awards, she won Artist of the Year, Top Female Artist, Top Pop Artist, Top Pop Album and Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year (Long ,7). Selling more than fifteen million copies of her first album her second album, Emotions was anticipated to sell; however, Emotions fell a bit short, and she only sold eight million copies, but she did receive praise for improved songwriting (Long, 8). Despite the low sales, Carey received her fifth number one single from the title track (Long, 8). 

In the summer of 1993, Carey released Music Box, her third studio album. The album did exceedingly well having sold well over thirty million copies worldwide (Long, 9). During 1995, Carey shifted from her typical sound and her Daydream album debut a significant hip-hop influence. The change in sound proved to be beneficial because it quickly became her top-selling album in the United States (Long, 11). Again in 1997, Carey experienced another musical transition and her sixth studio album, Butterfly, contained more artistic independence and featured both hip hop and urban adult contemporary sounds (Long, 12). Collaborating with artists like Sean Combs, Missy Elliott and Mase she was able to experiment with new melodies and sounds; also, she revealed a new sexier image (Long, 12). 

Alliance of Women Film Journalists2009Cast of PreciousBest Ensemble CastNominated[22]
American Music Awards1991HerselfFavorite Pop/Rock Female ArtistNominated[23]
Favorite Soul/R&B Female ArtistNominated
Favorite Pop/Rock New ArtistNominated
1992Favorite Pop/Rock Female ArtistNominated
Favorite Soul/R&B Female ArtistWon
“Someday”Favorite Dance SingleNominated
1993HerselfFavorite Pop/Rock Female ArtistWon
Favorite Soul/R&B Female ArtistNominated
Favorite Adult Contemporary ArtistNominated
“I’ll Be There”Favorite Pop/Rock SingleNominated
MTV Unplugged EPFavorite Adult Contemporary AlbumWon
Favorite Soul/R&B AlbumNominated
1994HerselfFavorite Pop/Rock Female ArtistNominated
Favorite Soul/R&B Female ArtistNominated
“Dreamlover”Favorite Soul/R&B SingleNominated
1995HerselfFavorite Pop/Rock Female ArtistWon
Favorite Adult Contemporary ArtistNominated
Music BoxFavorite Pop/Rock AlbumNominated
Favorite Soul/R&B AlbumNominated
1996HerselfFavorite Pop/Rock Female ArtistWon
Favorite Soul/R&B Female ArtistWon
1997Favorite Pop/Rock Female ArtistNominated
Favorite Soul/R&B Female ArtistNominated
Favorite Adult Contemporary ArtistNominated
DaydreamFavorite Pop/Rock AlbumNominated
Favorite Soul/R&B AlbumNominated
1998HerselfFavorite Soul/R&B Female ArtistWon
2005Artist of the YearNominated
Favorite Pop/Rock Female ArtistNominated
Favorite Soul/R&B Female ArtistWon
The Emancipation Of MimiFavorite Pop/Rock AlbumNominated
Favorite Soul/R&B AlbumNominated
2006HerselfFavorite Pop/Rock Female ArtistNominated
Favorite Soul/R&B Female ArtistNominated
The Emancipation Of MimiFavorite Soul/R&B AlbumNominated
2008HerselfFavorite Pop/Rock Female ArtistNominated
E=MC²Favorite Soul/R&B AlbumNominated
Amigo Awards1997HerselfBest International Female Solo ArtistNominated[24]
ARIA Music Awards1994HerselfMost Popular International Solo SingerWon[25]
Music BoxMost Popular Album of the YearWon
Best Chart Album PerformanceWon
ALMA Awards1999Around the WorldOutstanding Performance by Individual in a Music Series or SpecialNominated[26]
The Prince of EgyptOutstanding Performance of a Song for a Feature FilmNominated
“When You Believe” (with Whitney Houston)Outstanding Music VideoNominated
2000“Heartbreaker”Outstanding Music Video PerformersNominated
2002America: A Tribute to HeroesOutstanding Performance by Individual in a Music Series or SpecialNominated
2006HerselfFavorite Female Music ArtistNominated
Bambi Awards2005HerselfPop Artist of the YearWon[27]
Basenote Awards2008“M” by Mariah CareyBest Celebrity Women’s FragranceWon[18]
Best New Women’s FragranceNominated
Best Designer, Mainstream or Fine FragranceNominated
Best Women’s Fragrance for Day WearNominated
BET Awards2005HerselfBest Female R&B ArtistNominated[26]
“Don’t Forget About Us”Viewer’s ChoiceNominated
2008HerselfBest Female R&B ArtistNominated
Billboard Music Awards1991HerselfTop Pop ArtistWon[28]
Top Adult Contemporary ArtistWon
Top Hot 100 Singles ArtistWon
Mariah CareyAlbum of the YearWon
1994HerselfTop Female ArtistWon
“Hero”Top SingleNominated
1996HerselfTop Hot 100 Singles ArtistWon
“One Sweet Day”Special Award[b]Won
Single of the YearNominated
1998HerselfSpecial AwardWon
1999Female Artist of the YearNominated
2002“Loverboy”Top R&B/Hip-Hop Single[c]Won
2005HerselfFemale R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the YearWon
Female Billboard 200 Album Artist of the YearWon
Hot 100 Artist of the YearNominated
R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the YearNominated
“We Belong Together”Hot 100 Song of the YearWon
Rhythmic Top 40 Title of the YearWon
Hot 100 Airplay of the YearWon
Top Hot R&B/Hip-Hop SongNominated
2006HerselfTop R&B/Hip Hop ArtistWon
Top R&B/Hip Hop Female ArtistWon
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs ArtistWon
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Albums ArtistWon
The Emancipation of MimiTop R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumWon
“We Belong Together”Hot R&B/Hip-Hop SongsNominated
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay SongsNominated
2020HerselfChart Achievement AwardNominated
Black Reel Awards2010Cast of PreciousBest Ensemble CastWon[29]
Best Supporting ActressHerselfNominated
Blockbuster Entertainment Awards1995HerselfFavorite Pop Female ArtistWon[30]
1996“Fantasy”Favorite SingleWon
“One Sweet Day” (with Boyz II Men)Favorite Adult Contemporary SingleWon
1998ButterflyFavorite Album by a Female ArtistWon
1999HerselfFavorite Pop Female AritstWon
2000Favourite Female R&B ArtistWon
“When You Believe” (with Whitney Houston)Favorite Song from a MovieNominated
BMI Pop Music Awards1991“Love Takes Time”Song of the YearWon[31]
Best SongwriterWon
“I Don’t Wanna Cry”Won
“Vision of Love”Won
1992HerselfSongwriter of The YearWon
1993“Can’t Let Go”Best SongWon
“Make It Happen”Won
1994“Dreamlover”Songwriter of the YearWon
“Anytime You Need a Friend”Won
1997“One Sweet Day”Song of the YearWon
Best Pop SongwriterWon
“Always Be My Baby”Won
1999HerselfSongwriter of the YearWon
“My All”Won
2006“We Belong Together”Top Billboard SongWon
Most Performed SongWon
“Don’t Forget About Us”Won
“Shake It Off”Won
2007Songwriter of the YearWon
“Don’t Forget About Us”Won
2008“Touch My Body”Won
Boston Society of Film Critics2009Cast of PreciousBest Ensemble CastWon[32]
BRIT Awards1991HerselfInternational Breakthrough ActNominated[33]
International Female Solo ArtistNominated
Critics’ Choice Movie Awards2014Cast of The ButlerBest Acting EnsembleNominated[34]
Echo Awards1995HerselfInternational Rock/Pop Female ArtistWon[26]
Fifi Awards2011“Lollipop Bling” by Mariah CareyBest Packaging of the YearNominated[35]
Golden Globe Awards[d]2018The Star” (from: The Star)Best Original SongNominated[36]
Golden Raspberry Awards2002Herself in GlitterWorst ActressWon[37]
Herself and her cleavage in GlitterWorst Screen CoupleNominated
Grammy Awards1991Mariah CareyAlbum of the YearNominated[7]
“Vision of Love”Record of the YearNominated
Song of the YearNominated
Best Pop Vocal Performance, FemaleWon
HerselfBest New ArtistWon
1992Herself (with Walter Afanasieff)Producer of the Year, Non-ClassicalNominated
“Emotions”Best Pop Vocal Performance, FemaleNominated
1993“I’ll Be There” (with Trey Lorenz)Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with VocalsNominated
MTV Unplugged EPBest Pop Vocal Performance, FemaleNominated
1994“Dreamlover”Best Pop Vocal Performance, FemaleNominated
1995“Hero”Best Female Pop Vocal PerformanceNominated
“Endless Love” (with Luther Vandross)Best Pop Collaboration with VocalsNominated
1996DaydreamAlbum of the YearNominated
Best Pop Vocal AlbumNominated
“Fantasy”Best Female Pop Vocal PerformanceNominated
“One Sweet Day” (with Boyz II Men)Record of the YearNominated
Best Pop Collaboration with VocalsNominated
“Always Be My Baby”Best Female R&B Vocal PerformanceNominated
1998“Honey”Best Female R&B Vocal PerformanceNominated
Best R&B Song
“Butterfly”Best Female Pop Vocal PerformanceNominated
2000“When You Believe” (with Whitney Houston)Best Pop Collaboration with VocalsNominated
2001“Thank God I Found You” (feat. Joe & 98 Degrees)Nominated
2006The Emancipation of MimiAlbum of the YearNominated
Best Contemporary R&B AlbumWon
“We Belong Together”Record of the YearNominated
Song of the YearNominated
Best R&B SongWon
Best Female R&B Vocal PerformanceWon
“It’s Like That”Best Female Pop Vocal PerformanceNominated
“Mine Again”Best Traditional R&B Vocal PerformanceNominated
2007“Don’t Forget About Us”Best R&B SongNominated
Best Female R&B Vocal PerformanceNominated
2009“I Understand” (with Kim Burrell, Rance Allen & Bebe Winans)Best Gospel PerformanceNominated
Hollywood Make-Up and Hair-Stylist Awards2021Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas SpecialBest Contemporary Hair Styling for a Television SpecialNominated[38]
Best Contemporary Make-Up for a Television Special
Hungarian Music Awards2009E=MC²Best Foreign Dance-Pop AlbumWon[39]
IFPI Platinum Europe Awards1996DaydreamPlatinum Europe AwardWon[40]
Merry ChristmasWon
2003#1’s (2x)Won
2005The Emancipation of MimiWon
Japan Golden Disc Awards1995HerselfInternational Artist of the YearWon[41]
DaydreamInternational Pop Album of the YearWon
2003CharmbraceletPop & Rock Album of the YearWon
Juno Awards1997DaydreamBest Selling Album (Foreign or Domestic)Nominated[42]
MTV Europe Music Awards1994HerselfBest FemaleWon[43]
1999Best R&BNominated
2001Best FemaleNominated
Best R&BNominated
MTV Video Music Awards1996“One Sweet Day”
(with Boyz II Men)
Best R&B VideoNominated
1998“Honey” (Remix)Best Female VideoNominated
2003“I Know What You Want”
(with Busta Rhymes)
Best Hip-Hop VideoNominated
2005“We Belong Together”Best Female VideoNominated
Best R&B VideoNominated
2006“Shake It Off”Nominated
2008“Touch My Body”Best Female VideoNominated
2022“Big Energy” (Remix) (with Latto)Song of the SummerNominated
Music Week Awards2021HerselfCatalogue Marketing CampaignNominated[44]
Myx Music Awards2006“We Belong Together”International Music VideoWon[45]
NAACP Image Awards1996HerselfOutstanding Female ArtistNominated[46]
“One Sweet Day” (as part of Fantasy, with Boyz II Men)Outstanding Performance in a Variety Serials/SpecialsNominated
1998HerselfOutstanding Female ArtistNominated
1999Number 1’sOutstanding AlbumNominated
“When You Believe” (with Whitney Houston)Outstanding Duo or GroupWon
Outstanding Music VideoNominated
Outstanding SongNominated
2006HerselfOutstanding Female ArtistNominated
The Emancipation of MimiOutstanding AlbumWon
“We Belong Together”Outstanding SongNominated
Outstanding Music VideoNominated
2009HerselfOutstanding Female ArtistNominated
2010Memoirs of an Imperfect AngelOutstanding AlbumNominated
Herself in PreciousOutstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion PictureNominated
2014“#Beautiful” (with Miguel)Outstanding Duo of GroupNominated
NARM Awards1996DaydreamBest Selling R&B RecordingWon[47]
“Fantasy”Best Selling Dance RecordingWon
NRJ Music Awards2000HerselfInternational Female Artist of the YearWon[48]
Otto Bravo Magazine Awards1994HerselfBest Female Artist[e]Won[49]
Palm Springs International Film Festival2010Herself in PreciousBreakthrough Performance AwardWon[21]
People’s Choice Awards1996HerselfFavorite Female Musical PerformerWon[50]
Primetime Emmy Awards2021Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas SpecialOutstanding Contemporary Makeup for a Variety, Nonfiction or Reality Program (Non-Prosthetic)Nominated[51]
Screen Actors Guild2009Cast of PreciousOutstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion PictureNominated[52]
2013Cast of The ButlerNominated[53]
Soul Train Music Awards1991HerselfBest R&B/Soul or Rap New ArtistWon[26]
Mariah CareyBest R&B/Soul Album, FemaleWon
“Vision of Love”Best R&B/Soul Song of the YearNominated
Best R&B/Soul Single, FemaleWon
1992EmotionsBest R&B/Soul Album, FemaleNominated
1993MTV Unplugged EPNominated
1994Music BoxNominated
2000“Heartbreaker” (with Jay-Z)Best R&B/Soul Single, FemaleNominated
2006The Emancipation of MimiBest R&B/Soul Album, FemaleWon
“We Belong Together”Best R&B Soul Single, FemaleWon
2018HerselfBest R&B/Soul Female ArtistNominated
Stinkers Bad Movie Awards2001Herself in GlitterWorst ActressWon[54]
LoverboyWorst Song in a FilmWon
Herself and Max BeesleyWorst On-Screen CoupleNominated
Teen Choice Awards2005HerselfChoice Music: R&B ArtistWon[55]
“We Belong Together”Choice Music: Love SongWon
World Music Awards1995HerselfBest Selling American Recording ArtistWon[9]
Best Selling Pop ArtistWon
1996Best Selling Overall Female Recording ArtistWon
Best Selling American Female Recording ArtistWon
Best Selling Female Pop ArtistWon
Best Selling Female R&B ArtistWon
2000Best Selling R&B FemaleWon
2005Female Entertainer Of The YearWon
Best Selling Pop Female ArtistWon
Best Selling R&B ArtistWon
“We Belong Together”World’s Most-Played SingleWon
2008HerselfBest Selling R&B Female ArtistNominated
2014Pop Icon AwardWon
World’s Best Female ArtistNominated
Solo Artist with the Most Number One Singles in AmericaWon
World’s Best Live ActNominated
World’s Best Entertainer of the Year

Mariah Carey success came to a grinding halt when she allegedly suffered a breakdown in 2001 (Long,14). Signed under a new label, Virgin Records, they stopped the release of her movie and album, both titled Glitter. However, when her album and movie were released, they were not well received by the public and music critics. Carey was not expected to comeback after the poor performance of Glitter, but in 2005 she released The Emancipation of Mimi, and it was a huge hit (Long, 16). Again in 2007, Mariah began working on her eleventh studio album, E=MC². E=MC² was another huge success for Carey, however, critics compared them album to the Emancipation of Mimi.

Mariah Carey was inspired by her negative childhood experiences at summer camp, Carey co-founded Camp Mariah in Fishkill, New York, in 1994 in partnership with the nonprofit organization the Fresh Air Fund. 

Thousands of inner-city youth attend the three-week program every year. Campers can also receive year-round career support, and attending the camp has been linked to higher college and high school graduation rates. 

Carey won a Congressional Award in 1999 for her efforts to support youth through the Fresh Air Fund and the Administration for Children’s Services in New York City. Two decades later in 2019, Variety awarded her the Power of Women award for her continued work with the Fresh Air Fund.

She campaigned to end world hunger.

Carey joined the World Hunger Relief Movement in 2008 as a Hunger Ambassador for the YUM! Foundation’s World Hunger Relief, an annual effort to raise money for the United Nations World Food Programs to end starvation worldwide. 

“The change from hunger to hope starts with you,” Carey said on posters for the campaign that ran in 100 countries. 

Diners at Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silver’s, and A&W Restaurants had the opportunity to donate to the cause and receive a free download of Carey’s song “Love Story.”

Conclusion : In all Mariah Carey is one of the biggest pop personalities. Her influence has left a mark on Soul and R&B. Mariah has inspired many artists around the world and one of those people is Ariana Grande. Mariah Carey has supported charities across the world for decades. Her influence will forever live on just not because of her singing but other talents too. She has also been sure to leave a positive impact and image for her community and supporters which had helped increase her popularity over time. 

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