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JAY-Z: The Story of OJ

Race in Music

Jay-Z did a very controversial thing by making this song, especially in the music and entertainment industry. He uses Disney themed cartoons to provide his listeners with imagery. Symbolism is also very important. He also uses the word “nigga” a lot in order to stress his point of overt racism and capitalism within society.


  • “I bought some artwork for 1 million 2 years later, that shit worth 2 million Few years later, that shit worth 8 million I can’t wait to give this shit to my children”


Inheritance is mainly what determines one’s place in the class system.- In this lyric, listeners can see how Jay-Z completely breaks down the idea of wealth and inheritance.


As a whole, the song is an effort, and succession of Jay Z, to break down, analyze, and expose the capitalism and racism that society dishes out through the lense of a black man. Jay Z Relatable situations and circumstances to the Black experience

“STILL nigga” inability to reject race as part of identity

How will I change my views on music moving forward?

So far I have learned about race in music as a strong , proudful contribution by my race. I now have a special appreciation for the processes and aspects of music. Moving forward from these times, after I have learned what I learned from music, I am more conscious of underlying things. Symbolism and imagery have played a major role in me coming to realize. I think I can move forward by continuing to truly pay attention to music and analyzing the uncovered messages that artists are trying to convey. Rather than just listening to the beat. Looking at all aspects of music in order to truly appreciate the craft. I can also alter my perceptions of music by listening to positive uplifting music, rather than promoting and continuing to support music that put “us” (black women) down. This would be ideal, but I am not sure that it is realistic of me to do because I genuinely like the other music. Just paying attention now and being intentional.

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