mahalia jackson

 Mahalia Jackson’s title as the Queen of Gospel was not just about her ability to sing well and her success nationally and internationally, it was about who she was a person. She lived her life the same way in and out of the spotlight: full of passion, love, laughter and light. She never compromised herself, her faith, or her values for monetary gain and used her gifts for the Lord. She had a strong sense of who she was, had tremendous music capabilities, and had a spirit that could uplift people both on and off the stage. This is why she is rightfully named the Queen of Gospel and a strong legacy.

-camrie hendking

Music is a form of expression that has been around for as long as we know. Music is a vital part of life because of its ability to affect our emotions. The artists that create music, therefore, become important figures. Mahalia Jackson, a gospel singer, is one of those important figures. Not only did Jackson inspire many through her uplifting music, but she also used her music to create change. Mahalia Jackson’s status as a leader of the African American community is proved through her help to change not only music but also the status of African Americans through her uplifting songs and activism throughout her life.

-kamile wyatt