Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King is one of the few disco artists that survived the post-disco period and made a very safe transition to the 80s. In this post, we will discuss Evelyn “Champagne” King’s career and the sound of disco. 

Bop Bop Bop To The Top

Disco was made during the dance music period of 1970s from a specifically beat-driven style of music. It became very popular in the nightclub scene being played by DJs at underground clubs. It was composed of  the choppy syncopation of funk, the use of soul and polyrhythms. It possessed African Americans roots with the signatures of strong beats and gospel designed tones. The mixing of records was used to make a name for themselves and make sounds of music that are unique to the audience. It was used in club scenes for rhythmic dancing. Hairstyles and fashion styles emerged from the style of music and took over the 70s. New York City was the center for underground disco and it was heavily played and based in gay clubs. Some popular disco artists consist of Donna Summers, Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Thelma Houston, the Bee Gees, Earth, Wind and Fire, etc. The records of these artists are used at parties and mixed with one another to create different types of sounds. After a certain point, disco seemed to outplay itself. Multiple records were produced and sold all at once. Disco was used to create communities amongst people.

Love Come Down

Evelyn King was born on July 1, 1960 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She began her career singing as she worked while she was heard by Producer Theodore T. Life in the washroom doing laundry. She was signed to RCA Records and released a total of 11 records over the course of her career. Her most popular single was ‘Shame’ and it came out in 1977. She continued creating hits a common favorite in the 80s was Love Come Down and still remains to be a common favorite. Kid the Wiz created a remix to the song that brought it into the public’s eye again in 2017. 

When I got accepted into Spelman, I did a college reveal video that included both of my brothers, mother and father. In the video, we were all dancing to the remixed track. It embodied the same components of the original track except with a current sound of Hip-Hop and Rhythm and Blues. It allowed Evelyn King to resurface as a topic of discussion. 

The sound distinguished in her music was considerably one of a kind. She was one of the artists that were able to survive the passing disco and remain relevant to Black culture. 



Evelyn “Champagne” King still remains to be one of the most popular disco artists of the 1970s. She continues to make and produce music. In 2015, King entered into a group called the First ladies of Disco, but she later left the group in 2017. Evelyn King is a trendsetter of her time and continues to be a part of the blueprint that has allowed this generation of musicians to form. 

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