Louis Armstrong and the Power of His Voice and Trumpet

Louis Armstrong’s impact is undeniable. His devotion to music positively impacted his career, both internally and externally. His great work with his voice and trumpet led to him being named “The Father of Blues”. His influence on Jazz music changed Jazz forever. 

This is Jazz !

Jazz is a genre of music centered around improvisation. It began in the late 19th century in New Orleans. As present in other genres of music such as Folk Music, Jazz utilizes call-and-response, demonstrating that genres of music continue to influence each other. Jazz was also influenced by Ragtime, Blues, Jazz, European classical music, and more. Jazz was shaped by many social forces in history, such as the Civil Rights Movement, World War I and II. Jazz is characterized by syncopation, improvisation, swing, and distinct voices.

Louis Armstrong: Famous Voice and Trumpet Playing

Louis Daniel Armstrong was born in New Orleans in the year of 1901. After dropping out of school early to work, he had enough to pay for his first cornet. Once learning how to play correctly and being mentored by a top cornetist, Joe Oliver, Louis Armstrong’s popularity began to grow as a cornetist.  In 1925, Louis Armstrong began making records under his own name, creating a band known as Hot Fives and Sevens. Louis Armstrong and His Five made records that are most influential in Jazz music. He transformed the focus of Jazz music from collective improvisation to solo performance. Louis Armstrong was a trumpet and cornet player. He is most known for his voice and trumpet playing. Louis Armstrong utilized scat singing, which is the vocal improvisation that used nonsense syllables or no words at all. He began to perform at places as a vocalist, such as the musical Hot Chocolates, Connie’s Inn, etc. His version of “Ain’t Behavin” became one of his biggest selling record. Louis Armstrong served as the most influential Jazz musician. He was named the ‘Father of Jazz’. He was also labeled a cultural hero, especially in the black community. Louis Armstrong’s trumpet playing and voice influenced many later artists throughout the progression of music.

Without Louis Armstrong, Jazz as we know it would be completely different. Louis Armstrong, his voice, his trumpet, and his dedication influenced jazz in more ways than one. He transformed Jazz and inspired many artists and their music. His impact is everlasting. 

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