Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson and Florence B.Price

Marian Anderson singing at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.
The Daily Beast

The article by Alisha Lola Jones highlights the constant fight of Black women within the music industry. Jones was able to highlight beautifully the legacies of two iconic black women. Marian Anderson and Florence Price. Marian Anderson choosing the score of Florence Price to sing at such a historical moment in history shows the support African-American women artist have been showing through time. Through collaboration, we can see that black women not only bringing communities together but also uplifting one another.

The article also highlighted Price’s position within the community of composers. I personally don’t often hear about the black women who compose some of the songs that I have heard for such a long time. Looking into her music I have heard the poetry of Langston Hughes through her music. I have actually heard a performance of Night before, which I was not aware was composed of black women. I think that her music shows us this intersectionality of poetry, classical music with the suffering of the African-American experience. It seems that whenever our struggle is depicted it never truly portrays the beauty of our journey. I think that’s why this article was a great a showing us how these two wonderful women came together and breaking the barriers that have opened so many doors for black women in this genre of music.

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