Lift Every Voice

In “Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price and The Sound of Black Sisterhood,” it talks about how black woman have been overlooked in the music industry. And how the legendary Marian Anderson and Florence Price impacted the strength of women today. As a result of Marian Anderson and Florence price, black women’s music to become international when most people thought it wasn’t possible. They broke down barriers for African American women performers, so they can now follow into her footsteps and be the artist that they want to be.Marian Anderson was one of the musical artists that paved the pathway for many other women. She is most well-known performing at Washington D.C.’s Constitution Hall which desegregated the space. Marian devoted her life to womanism. To do so, she had to understand not only what it means to be a woman but also the importance; of both male and female counterparts’ ultimate survival. Often times, we praise the woman musical artist that we see today without giving credit to the woman that came before them and created the platform for them to be on. Jones clearly articulated the importance of women in music and the tribulations that they had to endure. History tells us that the black artist provides a pathway for themselves first and then others to come, and that’s what Marian and Florence did for many others who came after them.
I definitely enjoyed reading this article. Before learning it, I had never even heard of Marian Anderson and the article informed me about who she is and what she’s about. The report helped show that black women are strong and were fighters. Even in today’s society, black women are still overlooked, and the most oppressed not only in music but in their everyday life. When they try to make a change in society, they’re labeled negatively in an attempt to make them feel less than. I enjoyed reading the article because it informed me of an artist that I never knew. I would definitely recommend it to others so they too can learn something new. I enjoyed the flow in which the information was presented throughout the text, and though I thought it was long, the article was extremely informative as well as inspiring.


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