“Lift Every Voice” Article Review

The reading starts off by acknowledging the fact that in the current day Black Women are demonstrating leadership roles around the world. For example, a number of movements such as #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and #SayHerName was started by a number of influential black women. Throughout history and to now Black women have always “lifted their voices and sing” in any given situation, Marian Anderson serves as a great example of this. The article describes Marian Anderson’s intuitive career. She used her voice to make a difference for black people interested in the arts. All in all, the last sentence in the reading stuck out to me the most. The author says, “like music to our ears, to undo with music what decades of sociopolitical inaudibility have done.” Many black women before us have made tons of sacrifices to enjoy the luxuries that we now have. Therefore we must acknowledge these women and show gratitude.

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