I will start by introducing Ms. Tina Turner, going into her childhood, where she grew up, and how she got into music

-Early Life-

I will go into her first entering the music industry, and her meeting Ike Turner for the first time

-Further into her career-

I will next go into detail her big break into the music business, while mentioning her record breaking performances and music. Also, I will talk about her life as big star, such as on and behind stage.

Here, I will discuss the huge impact Tina made for the world of music

-Honorable Mentions-

I will go on to mention Tina's accomplishments and achievements


I will lastly go into depth about what I think about her and why I chose for this artist project, while also giving more details about the huge impact she left in the music life

-Works Cited-

(Link of all the sources I used)