Let’s Groove Tonight: A Post on Disco

Let's Groove Tonight: A Disco Post

Disco first began in the 1970’s after the genre of Funk was originated. Due to social clubs and dancing becoming more prominent, the rise of disco in the 70’s was a very important time. Disco can be described as having a high rhythmic sound. Additionally, as seen in the drama “Pose,” disco was not only a popular genre in the African American community, but also the gay community as well. Artist like Donna Summer would be played in many settings and everyone loved and gravitated towards her music. Unfortunately, as quickly as disco rose, it fell in the last 1970’s and many people were on to the next hot genre. Although disco only lasted a short period of time, many movies and shows incorporated this music into it’s work and even today some of the effects of this genre is still seen. 

Famous Disco Artists: 

  •  Donna Summer
  • Shalamar 
  •  The Jackson 5 
  •  The SOS Band 
  •  Barry White 
  •  The Village People 


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