Lenny White: American Drummer

Lenny White

Who is he?

Leonard White III December 19, 1949
New York City


Cross over jazz








What He Did...

As a self taught left handed drummer on a right handed kit. Lenny White is best known for being apart of Chick Corea’s Return To Forever in the 1970’s. He began his career on top plating regularly with Jackie McLean and began recording “B** Brew” in 1969 with Miles Davis. White gained a strong reputation as one of the Top Drummers. 

Who did he work with?

Freddie Hubbard: American jazz trumpeter

Joe Henderson: American saxophonist

Woody Shaw: american trumpeter

Gato Barbieri: argentine saxophonist

Gill Evens: jazz pianist 

Stanley Clarke: american bassist 

Stan Getz: american saxophonist 

After the break up....

after the break up, Lenny White  had several fusions projects but none of the recordings ( for Nemperor and Elektra) have dated well at all, emphasizing commercial funk. However his work with the Echoes Of An Era and Griffith Park all- star groups were been more successful and he has been a valuable sideman for a wide variety of projects. 

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