Legendary Mamie Smith


Mamie Smith was a multi-talented entertainer, as she was a performer on stage and in film. Mamie Smith can be considered a legendary musician because she paved the way for many other blues artists when she was the first to make a blues record. She is a significant blues figure. 

"Crazy Blues"

The production of “Crazy Blues” is of great historical significance. Besides being the first blues recording, it represents black female singers’ emergence into the popular music culture. This record’s increase in sales to African Americans is what led to the increased demand for race records.


Mamie Smith had many hits besides “Crazy Blues,” such as “Royal Garden Blues,” “Fare Thee Honey Blues,” “Lonesome Mama Blues,” and “You Can Have Him, I Don’t Want Him Blues.” All of these in which she was able to perform on tour in the United States and Europe. After her retirement in 1931, she continued her career in Lenox AvenueBecause I love You, Murder in, and Paradise in Harlem. Mamie Smith is a significant blues figure who paved the way for many other prominent blues artists and was able to bring about race records for African Americans to enjoy. 

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