Law swoons with impressive vocals on “Controller”

This R&B music review features “Controller” by Law, a smooth addition to the music charts. For three minutes and seventeen seconds, you are lulled into a state of seduction by the vocalist and the hypnotic beat with tropical leanings that supports the song.

Law’s voice is lyrical and sweet yet firm in her language because the song is about maintaining and retaking your freedom when you’re in an abusive relationship. The lyrics clearly state, “Mama didn’t raise no puppet and Daddy did not raise no timid girl. Law’s voice is Siren-like. It’s mesmerizingly alluring with just enough lilt to add a touch of joy with each note sung, even when she is singing, “You cannot control me.”

The essence of the song is she’s free to live her life even when involved in a romantic relationship and if her man cannot accept that, this song is for him. She designates him as “the king of misery”. This is a get your act together song. After that she’s gone.

Even though the song is so definitive and serious, it’s got a light and bouncy overall feel. The music makes you move and while the words are consequential and momentous, your body is forced to respond to the groove. Law keeps it bouncing with every verse and chorus. While the words are repeated, the song is never too repetitive. Each verse in the song adds a specific detail to her woes as his woman fighting his efforts to control her.

The soft rhythmic and harmonic song has a great bridge where she combines a breathless list of complaints while repeating “you cannot control, you cannot control… me”. Making it very clear that she cannot be controlled, she ends the song with these words describing with sincerity her true convictions about her former lover, “You’re just the king of misery”.

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