Lauryn Hill – R&B Queen

Lauryn Hill was born May 26, 1975 in Newark, New Jersey. Although she is known for neo soul, she is also a rapper, singer, and song writer. She can also play the acoustic guitar. Lauryn Hill was the only female rapper apart of the Fugees Rap Group where she was definitely a very significant part of the group. The solo album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” won many awards internationally and broke multiple records sales across the world. This album not only had sing, rapping, and poems but address relevant and factual life circumstances that young females could listen to and gain positive confirmation on life as a teenager. This was important during the 90s because most female were rapping about sex, money, and degrading themselves for attention. Most often, we find ourselves label as a product of our environment but Lauryn Hill create a dream of being something more than what you may have been exposed to.

Lauryn hill has earned American Music, Billboard Music, Brit, GAFFA, Grammies, MTV Europe, NAACP, and Soul Train Awards from 1996 -2000. She also scored a chance to work with the talented and well known Whoop Goldberg in the movie “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit”. The American musical comedy film casted Lauryn Hill as a lead actor to display her breathtaking vocalist abilities which displayed her acting skills as well. Some of her best music include song like “Doo Wop”, Ex-Factor”, and Everything is Everything”. Lauryn Hill has made a substantial impact to the world but, especially to our African Community. 

Within the last six years she has continued to perform across the world on the stage sharing her gift with the world. She has participated in multiple Festival from California to Florida. She was charged with not paying taxes or filing taxes from 2005-2007 when she earned over 1.8 million of income. She made it a point to ensure she paid her dues to the government and started working for herself thereafter. Lauryn Hill work continue to inspire rappers female and males and can still be heard sample in today’s hip hop today. She hasn’t released any music since 2013 but others sample her work such as J. Cole, Meek Mill, and Drake a few. Lastly, Lauryn Hill live in her purpose to share her talent with the world by inspiring songs, poems, and acting on the big screen. 

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