Krautrock is a broad genre of electronic music.  Krautrock is also known as”Kosmische musik” which began around in the late 1960s in Germany. Krautrock received its name from the ethnic slur “kraut”, which was inspired by a German music group Amon Düül. Although Krautrock is considered to be electronic music it also is considered to experimental rock. Krautrock focuses on sound manipulation and minimal hypnotic motifs. Krautrock drew styles from Jazz, Funk, and World Music.

Krautrock was played by European groups in the 1980s. Kraftwerk, a German music group featured heavy use of drum machines. Electronic musicians in Detroit were influenced by the musical elements of Krautrock. In the same manner that Krautrock used sound manipulation Detroit Techno also used the same elements.

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The Robots – Kraftwerk



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