Kittycoin Token – Is it Dogecoin 2.0? Why Kittycoin is set to Skyrocket in 2021

Just like Dogecoin, Kittycoin is a fun meme-based cryptocurrency that recently came into play in the cryptocurrency market. While its main aim is to promote fast, cheap, and reliable yet safe online transactions, Kittycoin also contributes a great deal to philanthropy. The Kittycoin website has a range of crypto wallet applications alongside their set-up tutorials. As such, in case you want to use Kittycoin, you’ll first need to download a crypto wallet that is compatible with your device. Some of the benefits of the Kittycoin token include:

No Charges for Entry

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies that charge a sign-up fee, Kittycoin allows you to get started without paying a dime. This not only caters to prospective users who can’t afford a starting fee but also promotes mainstream user adoption of this cryptocurrency.

Free Tokens for Every New User

Apart from a free sign-up, Kittycoin also offers you about 1000 tokens at no cost once you get started. With these tokens, you can start conducting online transactions, mining, and even investing. Take note that this offer is only valid until Kittycoin gains a substantial number of users. Additionally, the number of tokens will be reducing as more users sign up for Kittycoin, and hence, signing up early will give you an advantage.
Supports Animals

Through mining, investment, and transactions, Kittycoin gains a new supply of tokens, 10% of which goes to philanthropic activities. More specifically, this portion is donated to animal shelters and rescues that are voted upon by Kittycoin users. It helps both abandoned animals in shelters as well as endangered species in animal parks and reserves. From this, more animals get to enjoy a safe and conducive environment.

Fast and Affordable Transactions

Kittycoin offers fast, cheap, and safe online transactions to its users. To give you an idea, you can complete a transaction instantly and only incur less than a penny.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Typically, marketing is crucial for any business, including cryptocurrency investment. Even so, marketing Kittycoin is a bit difficult considering there’s no single entity that controls it. To solve this problem, Kittycoin has a built-in affiliate marketing program that allows you to invite your friends and earn 1000 Kittycoin tokens worth of a commission for every successful referral. This promotes mainstream user adoption of this cryptocurrency.

Mining is Possible with Readily Available Equipment

Cryptocurrency mining involves the use of special equipment that can burn a lot of electricity to provide the high processing power required. This can be expensive, especially if you’re just starting. Considering low electricity costs can help maximize your profits on cryptocurrency, per the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), ensure your equipment does not use a lot of power. Thankfully, Kittycoin has a “Proof of Activity” mining method that allows you to mine Kittycoins with your PC or phone. This way, you won’t have to incur high costs of purchasing special mining equipment.


These are some of the benefits of the Kittycoin token in the cryptocurrency market as well as the society. With a compatible crypto wallet, you simply need to sign up at no cost to join the Kittycoin community.

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