King Oliver

King Oliver, born May 8th, 1885, was a prominent figure of the Jazz genre. By 1915, King Oliver was an established band leader which people would then deem him by “King” by this time. King Oliver a.k.a “King O” co-led a band with Kid Ory, who was a trombonist and this band was deemed NOLA’s hottest and the best in the 1910’s. He was very popular against racial and economic lines.

By 1922, King O was deemed the Jazz “King” in Chicago, with him and his Creole Jazz Band performing at the Royal Gardens. Even him and his bands often played in Al Capone’s Mafia-run clubs. King O and his band gained so much fame preforming in the north. King O was among the original three great New Orleans “Jazzers,” the others being Kid Ory and Jelly Roll Morton. King O is given credit for having developed the use of cups, glasses, mutes, and buckets, that made up the roots of jazz. It was even noted that Louis Armstrong said that Oliver “created some of the most famous phrases you hear today.

Things seemed to be looking up as the year 1929 rolled around. King O, who actually switched to trumpet from cornet that year, wound up signing a contract with the Victor label that resulted him being able to attend regular recording sessions during the next two years. The King O Orchestra performed usually between 10 to 11 pieces, modern for the period, performed high-quality hot dance music, and included young high quality musicians.During the 1920’s, Joe King O should be notarized for being one of the most progressive and influential artist in jazz because of his musical innovations that influenced other jazz artists to incorporate his methods. These new methods essentially sparked a sparked a new type of jazz.

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