Kierston Forney- James Brown

James Brown Outline


Because James Brown was the godfather of funk and soul he was able to influence many different genres. He is still the inspiration for many artists today, allowing his legacy to continue on. He was not only a musician, but also a humanitarian.


  1. Background
    • Family
      • Early Childhood
  1. Decision to perform
    • Talent Shows
      • Conviction
  1. Career Beginning
    • Acapella and Gospel Group
      • Songs Released
  1. James Brown Orchestra
    • Band career
      • Band Downfall
  1. Funk Sound
    • Defining Funk
      • Funk influences
  1. Civil Rights
    • Performance After Death of Dr.King
      • Bringing together of the community
  1. Soul sound
    • Defining Soul
      • Soul Influences
  1. Decline of his career
    • Drug Use
      • Death

James Brown was an Icon and influenced music when he was alive, and continues to influence musicians even after his death.

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