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Hippity Hop

Hip Hop Hip-Hop is a genre of music that was created in the late 1970s by Clive Campbell in Bronx, New York. Since its creation,

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TECHnically Techno

TECHNO Techno music began in the mid to late 1980’s in Detroit, Michigan. It was created by three African American, high school boys: Juan Atkins,

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Break A Leg

Musical Theatre Musical Theatre is a form of art that allows individuals and groups to tell stories through music and dance. Initially, whites kept black

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Boogie Town

Disco: Freedom Through Music ‘Disco’ originated from the French word, discotheque. The word originally meant ‘record library.’ The form of disco music that we know

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Queen Diva: Mariah Carey

Mariah CareyBy Kendall Heath Methodology      This research was conducted by compiling, reading, and analyzing scholarly articles that recount the life and accomplishments of

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And The Church Said Amen

GOSPEL MUSIC Previous Next Gospel music emerged from African Americans who sought a new form of music to express their religious beliefs. It began in

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Jazz Hands

Jazz And Black Intellectualism Jazz is a form of music created in the early 20th century that originated in the United States in New Orleans,

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Let’s Get Spiritual!

Negro Spirituals Negro spirituals are songs that were created by enslaved people as a form to release their pain, hardship, and struggle that they experienced.

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Time For Rag

Ragtime   Ragtime was the genre that finally catapulted African American music into mainstream culture in the United States. It peaked from 1896-1920. The popularized,

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I Have The Blues

Blues: A Medium to Display Black Women’s Experiences Previous Next Blues music overtook black culture and was a method of displaying our current circumstances as

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