KeiyaA’s lockdown listening: ‘Hope for black Americans lies in the art we make’

The New York musician, who has released one of the best LPs of 2020 so far, explains her love for Brandy and Kate Bush

I’m in my apartment in New York, and I’m trying to focus on the positive side of being in isolation, which is forced introspection. I just released my album, and so I would have been forced to be introspective regardless, because after you release a body of work and it starts getting critiqued by the general public, that creates a whole lot of dysphoria about yourself. But isolation has further forced me to process it: what have I just created? I’ve also been able to practice and flex my cooking – I’ve been making a lot of stews; I roasted a big old snapper for the first time last week. It’s a lot of African and Caribbean dishes and styles: a lot of yuca.

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Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson