Kehlani Ashley Parrish

Kehlani was born was born on April 24, 1995. She was born in Oakland , California. She was raised and adopted by her aunt because her mother was addicted to drugs and her father died from having a drug addiction. Kehlani identifies as black, Spanish, native american, and white. She attended Oakland School of the Arts which influenced her passion with dance (ballet and modern dance). Kehlani has a long way to go before she makes history significantly. She has made history as a artist. She goes against the norm of a typical R&B artist. She identifies as a queer woman. She also just had a daughter with one her close friends. She does not let social media influence her personal choices and decisions. She continues to speak her mind and be her authentic self. She does not let people judge her by her tattoos. She continues to get opportunities despite all the tattoos she has. People usually discriminate people with too much tattoos.

Discography List

  • Cloud 19 (2014)
  • You Should Be Here (2015)
  • SweetSexySavage (2017)
  • While We Wait (2019)