With a total of 15 musicians including the lead singer Harry Casey, KC and the Sunshine Band, took the disco and funk world by storm with their hit singles. Their songs appeared in over 200 motion picture soundtracks and have been featured at every single major sporting event from the NFL to the Kentucky Derby. Their music has been known for getting people out of their seats and onto the dance floor with their upbeat sounds. 

About KC

Harry Wayne Casey  also known as KC is a Florida native and the founder and lead singer in the band who got his start in music as a record store employee at Tone Record Distributors in which his only dream was to record a record. It wasn’t until Henry Stone who was the owner of the store took a chance on him and allowed him to record a song.

About the band

After the interaction with KC and Henry Stone, the band began to form after he met Richard Finch who was doing engineer work for Tone Records. Then later on met two Tone studio musicians Robert Johnson and Jerome Smith who were the drummer and the guitarist. Originally the band was called KC and the Junkanoo Band because they also recruited some local members from a Miami Junkaoo Band to create more depth to the band but eventually changed it to the Sunshine Band because they were in Florida which has the famous nickname of the “Sunshine State”

The Four Original Members of the Band

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